Northern Asian First Peoples' history (seen by our eyes in comparison with alien eyes) / our cultures & traditions  (and how to keep them alive as our base of life) / 'cultural tsunamis' / our spiritualities (in comparison with religions) / our all legends / science & native knowledge in comparison / how animals affect our life (traditional & today) / clonaid, genomic revolution & morality / native history of art (in comparison with modern art) / temporary arts (how to create own styles): photography, audio-visual technics & scripts (making videos & multi-media productions),  illustrations, graphics, paintings & prints (traditional stencils & how to use wood, stone, sheet metal, linoleum, sieves), comics & animated cartoons / sculptures (by use of different materials) / arts & crafts / object-art /music, dance, theatre, performance (traditional & modern) /  traditional sport & sporting defense (a subject even good for our children).


Environmental questions & answer (also thought for children like most of the following one) / biology & zoology: fishing (fish-hatching) & hunt, gamekeeping, live-stock breeding & herding (reindeer, camel, horse, horned cattle, sheep & goats, yaks), poultry-farming, veterinary (traditional) healing / about the soul, spirituality & behavior of animals / botany & officinal herbs / forestry & afforest / agriculture: field, garden, greenhouse, herbal- & officinal herb-beds (seed & cultivation) / the theme water / anatomy & human therapeutics (traditional & modern) / history of environment & causalities (as seen by our elders & Shamans & how Europeans care for) / traditional polutioncontrol & conservations / non-poluting products (how to develop and what).


(how to work in and as:)

Wood: lumberman, carpenter, joiner, cabinet maker, carver, turner.Metal: blacksmith, locksmith, turner, welder, tinman, silver & gold smith, engineer.Leather: tanner, saddler, shoemaker, dress-maker.Fure & Skin: tanner, furrier, dress-maker.
Bone, Horn & Ivory: carver, turner. Textile: tailor, sailmaker. Felt: producer of products. Paper: paper-miller, paper-designer. Paint, Lac & dye: painter, house-painter, varnisher. Mineral: bricklayer, concreter, stone-mason, gem-cutter.
Electricity & Energy: high & low voltage-electrican (having knowledge on water-, wind- & solar-power, power-saving, dynamo & generator, electronic security). Automobile: motorist, 'mechanician, tinman, car-varnisher. Boat: boat-builder, boatswain.

All professions have the need of fundamental knowledge on physics given in theory (in connection with other places of education)  and practice. As for our student's trainings we like to invide masters of crafts.  And the students should have the opportunity to be a volunteer in factories & workshops to learn what's good for each profession and daily life.


Traditional economy, ecosocial effects, market research, development of innovative products, merchandising, developing of high class souveniers, design for various products, marketing, advertisment & advertising, multi-media- & event-design.


Basic-psychology, psychomental complexes of our nationalities & foreigners, how to deal with people, general communications (phone, fax, p.c., internet), office-work (administrative work, book-keeping, etc.), language laboratory (native & foreign). The PROJECT EASTERN PEOPLE and WESTERN MEDIA will teach how to keep our various native tongues alive (Theme: No tongue no culture no life !) and how to link our languages to English (as language of world & internet), having then not "the lingual wall of majorities' tongue" between us and the world.

All subject's matter are open even for foreign English speaking students and others by payment, to support in such way the 'CENTER's survival and prosperity.
This offer is not available for esoterical clients. Any camouflages will be discoverd and cause automatically
our information's cut off.

Connect yourself with:



1st) Main teaching will be held in the 'CENTER. The 'CENTER shall work like customary 'Boarding-Schools of Education' but of Asian character.

2nd) The 'CENTER's administration & organisational structure follows traditional Asian policy (tribal policy) and such we will teach our children and students.

3rd) The 'CENTER's syllabus goes along with the subjects but the 'Teaching Methods'* will be complete different from Euro-American, Russian or modern Asian method.

4th) The 'CENTER won't be a substitute or rival for common schooles, but a traditional completion.

5th) We like to develope our own design of  'Correspondence Course' to reach new students of any Northern Asian region, if they can't learn in the 'CENTER. Every student can order then his or her  individual correspondence-lessons. Individual in such way that we'll send only such subjects of matter which are realy useful** for each single student at his native place.

*As much as possible and step by step, our students and children must immediately practise what they had learn in each lesson's step. Sometimes the practical work goes ahead. After such good experience the theoretical explaination will follow to show then after and much better each matter's causalities.
Two facts more will make our 'CENTER's teaching different to common institutions: A) Thinking of that young people are not machines our teachers & trainers won't bother with boring, stupid cram teaching, as happen so often in  common schools. The initiator gives a good example: "To be pushed by a sarcastically teacher of mathematics for doing in brain-reckon and staying like an idiot among grining schoolmates, whilst I thought on outdoor left wild animals as friends, was never amusing. In this time mathematics were always a 'red rag'. And today? By free will my brain-work beat any supermarket's till having my own way how to count prices." B) No points we will give to the students and children to keep them free from stress. Better we give them motivations in such way that we show how necessary, because effective, it is to learn for having own personal results.

**It makes no sense to give educational materials away when no practical base (such as machines, tools, etc.)is available, reachable or not in use because of circumstances (lack of money, climate, etc.).
Therefore two examples: C) Why shall a way up north Nganasan learn how to make cheese if the climate does not permit to do such work? But as a reindeer herder maybe he is interested in how to organize & offer tourism  or how to make salable medicaments, coming from his surrounding nature, after he had learn how to care for market-research and marketing?  
D) Maybe in China a professional welder from the Manchu nation like to learn more about western technical tricks or he like to hit a complete different training. We could teach via correspondence-lessons what's in his interest.
All courses of order, by thinking on our people's various tongues, could be general done as an artist creates comics to keep off tongue-twister and mind-confusing. They could be done in English and major Asian languages but in many cases also be done in different native tongues. Such work of creation will be an extra project but sense making when we like to offer own educational aid.
Luckily, today new native tongue teaching schools come more and more up. Means also, the 'CENTER is on the right way no matter that our various languages will have a hard stand in a global active world.

6th) As for the with us living students, even they can choose for how long and how much they like to learn.
That's quite unusual for western or Russian systems of education but reasonable argumentations can be:
A) The student by personal reason can stay only for limited time 'cause his family needs him or her for seasonal work like fishery, hunt, time of harvest or in the case of the death of a family member.
B) He or she gets seriously sick.
C) Or the student like to learn and train only, Therefore more, what is specially offer for his or her local need, bringing then those new knowledge home what is good for others too.

Anyway, every student and child will get a certificate for his own proudness and and maybe such document will be recognized ones elsewhere no matter that our 'CENTER isn't a school at all, only a N.G.O..

Who ever may have an interest in such matter, we like to cooperate. Just give a note to: info@menschenrechte3000.de.